ValueCallz is an extensive Voice Broadcasting Platform that simply broadcasts any pre-recorded interactive voice relay simultaneously to many individuals at a particular point of time.

It is a web based application which is accessible easily form anywhere at any given point in time. ValueCallz Enterprise Edition offers enterprise wide user licenses with ability to manage users and Voice credits. ValueCallz provides a highly reliable Voice broadcasting platform to the enterprise segment.


A Voice broadcasted message is always clear and sure . Your prospect on the other line will not detect any hesitation in the voice since it's pre-recorded.

Interactive Medium: Built in Response Mechanism.

Multiple level of information can be shared.

Higher Connect: Unlike the traditional cold calling, voice broadcasting eliminates the tension of person to person's communication. It enables the prospect to listen to the message at his or her leisure without having the worry of getting pushed into the sales process. This detachment is important because it makes people concentrate better on your message rather than trying to get rid of you.

Freedom of Decision: Your client or potential client will listen to the entire message because it is short and direct and only lasts about 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Increase in Response Rate: Voice broadcasting effectively supports direct mail and other marketing campaigns; you can experience an increase in your client's response rate. Response generation/intent capture from recipient via Interactive IVR.